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By the way, if anyone is wondering, Kanoe is his surname and Zouichi is his given name. His name is written in ordinary romaji, so it's pronounced just how it's spelled -- "kah-noh-eh ZOH-ee-chee".
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Biomega Timeline

  • 2072 A.D. Mars colony construction started.
  • 2272 A.D. (approx) A seven-legged insect is found on Mars and revived. A microorganism is found inside its body; it produces plantlike ovules. Around this time, a 300 year old immortal woman named Reload is found, with the ability to create pollen-like particles (the reverse-morphic polymer). Experiments to fertilize the ovules with the pollen conducted.
  • 2272 A.D. Drone Hazard incident on Mars.
  • 2472 A.D. (approx) Nialdi is born.
  • 2279 A.D. Founding of Microvolt Corporation, future DRF
  • 2820 A.D. Lief, Kozlov's father and head of Microvolt, disappears.
  • 3005 A.D. DRF mounts first manned flight to Mars in 700 years.
  • 3006 A.D. six months later, Zouichi encounters Eon Green, a day (28 hours) after the DRF's vessel returns to earth. 24 hours later, N5S spreads to all regions of Earth.
  • 3006 A.D., Feb. 26 Toua Heavy Industries is destroyed.


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Character: Kanoe Zouichi
Journal: zouichi.livejournal.com
RPG: Trans_9

.sympathy..evil..innocent..in love.

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Ataraxion Application

Name: Zouichi Kanoe
Canon: Biomega
Original or Alternate Universe: AU
Canon Point: During the germination of the Recreator, about halfway through the series.
Number: 001


In Biomega, the Earth is under assault by a mysterious virus known as N5S, which infects living human beings and quickly transforms them into mindless, heavily-mutated zombielike drones. While organizations like the Data Recovery Foundation (DRF) attempt to harness N5S's regenerative properties to grasp the secrets of immortality, Zouichi is attempting to locate the rare humans who have adapted to the virus in an attempt to find a cure, or at least try to preserve what little is left of humanity. He finds one such human, Eon Green, who is quickly targeted and kidnapped by members of the DRF.

In his pursuit of Eon Green, Zouichi is quickly faced with mounting obstacles. The corporation that created him, Toua Heavy Industries, is demolished, rival organizations begin targeting the few intact, virus-free human shelters in an attempt to infect the whole of humanity with N5S, and it becomes increasingly clear that the DRF is plotting to use the N5S and a mysterious relic from the past to remake the world in a catastrophic transformation.


Zouichi is a Synthetic Human created and trained as an all-purpose countermeasure against the mutant creatures created by the N5S virus, the military weaponry posed by rival corporations, and anything else that might get in the way of his mission objective: the preservation of human life on Earth.

Despite his appearance, Zouichi's physical body is only about a year old — and most of that year was spent in a simulated environment called the Shikiomi, where he was educated and socialized with other Synthetic Humans and a human tutor (though a year in the simulator is equivalent to approximately 50 years in real time).

While Synthetic Humans can generally be constructed and grown in well under a year's time, those of Zouichi's generation were designed specifically to deal with the physical, mental, and emotional rigors of working interminably long field missions in incredibly hostile environments with little to no backup or supervision. For this purpose, the scientists at Toua Heavy Industries decided they couldn't simply do a data dump of the knowledge they wanted their new products to have; rather, they needed to provide the time and environment required to develop the personality of each separate Synthetic Human.

Due to his unusual background, Zouichi started out in an extremely unusual situation personalitywise: while he had an impressive array of knowledge spanning a wide range of topics (firearms, history, languages, etc.), his experience with subtler human behaviors (making conversation, spotting white lies, insincere flattery) was rather limited. As a result, Zouichi arrived on the Transmigration 9 as an extremely honest, straightforward individual with little inclination to dissemble or participate in much outside of his mission duties.

Since arriving on the Transmigration 9, Zouichi has been learning at a rapid clip, absorbing pop culture, informal speech patterns, learning to interpret human behavior, and forming a more solid framework through which to understand ethical dilemmas. In other words, he's still in the process of developing his real-world personality, and is probably at a rather vital and impressionable stage in learning how to interact and relate to other people.


Zouichi tends to have two different casts to his personality:

Outside of battle, he tends to be logical, friendly, and open-minded — someone who can be made to listen to an opposing point of view, if not always agree with it. His actions often center around others, attempting to help, protect, or reassure those in distress. He's considerate, even docile, seldom taking serious offense even when insulted or threatened (though he'll certainly speak out if one of his friends is a target of the same treatment). On the Transmigration 9, he often spent his time exploring, talking to other crew, researching new interests, or interacting with plant or animal life.

In combat, Zouichi is forceful, hot-blooded, and impulsive, with no compunctions about killing and surprisingly little regard for avoiding injury to himself if it means furthering a mission objective. On Earth, his fighting style was swift, brutal, and ruthless; his only consideration was how efficiently he could destroy enemy forces. Since arriving on the ship, however, he's adjusted to avoid fatally injuring combatants if required, but still sees nothing inherently wrong with killing enemy combatants.

Zouichi often tends to the stoic side, although his emotions (anger, apprehension, concern) are more visible in the stress of battle. They are also becoming more prominent over time, along with his sarcastic streak. Zouichi considers it very likely that his mission -- to protect human life and destroy the N5S virus that has overrun his world -- will eventually kill him. He accepts this unflinchingly.

Although Zouichi isn't particularly garrulous, he does seem to enjoy meeting people and spends a large amount of time trying to keep himself occupied (the downside of being awake almost 24/7 is that it can get incredibly boring). He's generally polite, but also curious, and if someone lets him, he may end up asking them a great deal about their world, their friends, their professions, etc. Because of his home environment, trusting nature, and also probably his general belief that he can protect himself against any reasonable threat, Zouichi is also fairly open in revealing information about himself and his version of Earth. He doesn't really 'get' things like secret identities, because in his world, there are none -- though he'll respect them if asked.

Zouichi does not consider himself a human, nor desire to be one. He's well aware of the damage humanity has done to itself and to outsiders, and that its self-destructive behavior will no doubt continue well into the future. However, he has accepted his mission and intends to follow through with it to the best of his ability.

Because of this detachment from humanity, Zouichi can often get along with characters might put a normal person off. For example, he:

  • Does not expect noncombatants to help fight, regardless of whether it's because they're incapable of fighting, don't know how, or simply don't care to risk their lives to defend someone else's. As far as he's concerned, fighting is his job. Anyone who wants to join him is free to, but it's there's no point in forcing someone into battle against their will — rather, having a frightened, inexperienced, or unwilling ally in combat may be more dangerous than having no one at all.

  • Doesn't take insults to himself personally. Call him a robot all you want; he'll politely correct you and move on.

  • Will openly admit that humanity is not sparkles and bunny rabbits. In fact, they're responsible for quite a few atrocities in the name of ambition/greed/religious zeal/etc. However, he will staunchly maintain that humans have as many strengths as they do weaknesses.

  • Sees nothing wrong with killing enemies in battle. In fact, it's preferable to leaving them alive; dead people can't come back later with stronger weapons.

Abilities, Weaknesses and Power Limitations:
* Zouichi's metabolic processes do not require him to eat, sleep, or respire as often as a human being. He can apparently go decades without eating, or survive up to five years on minimal amounts of water.
* Can survive unprotected in space or underwater for extended periods of time.
* Increased strength/durability/speed: Zouichi is faster, stronger, and more durable than a human, able to lift even large boulders or rubble and toss them aside casually (or punch people's skulls apart; he does that, too). He has been stabbed multiple times with PK projectiles/laser swords/etc and still continued on with his mission as normal. He also has a rather dull sense of pain.
* Zouichi's visual systems provide him with a form of augmented reality, superimposing targeting cursors, estimated enemy speed, composition of incoming projectiles, etc. over his normal vision, allowing him to react, aim, and shoot with excellent accuracy and speed. He's basically a sort of organic computer.
* Battle/normal modes: Zouichi usually operates in something called “Manner Mode”, which is for operations outside of battle. In battle, this is shut off, boosting his reaction speed and battle capabilities. He is also able to charge the shells fired by his gravity gun to achieve a powerful explosive effect.
* Rapid regeneration. Zouichi will recover from serious wounds within a few days. Certain poisons can interfere with his healing factor, particularly ones his system has never encountered before.
* Zouichi can download information from compatible file formats to, say, instantly learn a foreign language. In general, his AI partner Fuyu feeds him the information by interfacing with both Zouichi and the information source, since on his own, Zouichi's ability to interface with machinery is rather limited.
* If Zouichi's limbs are ever lopped off, they're automatically replaced in short order by a functional prosthesis, but he cannot regenerate the actual limb.
* Zouichi is capable at hand to hand combat and using improvised weapons, but usually prefers his gun. He’s also apparently great at stunt motorcycle driving.

Inventory: Please remember that characters are only able to find a few small items in their lockers; all clothing will be provided for them. Any supernatural, hypertech, or similarly powered objects found in storage may find themselves nerfed, similar to inherent superhuman abilities.

* Rapid-fire Gravitational Beam Emission Pistol: Zouichi's primary weapon, a low-yield gravity gun capable of punching holes in solid objects several feet wide. It's about the size of an average firearm, and occasionally needs a few seconds to charge after extensive firing.

* Toua Heavy Industries 4000XL Coil Rifle: A large, unwieldy-looking blockish gun that has takes several seconds between shots, but is also capable of high damage output. When not in use, it's folded up and is a somewhat longer and narrower than a briefcase. The range of the rifle is dependent on how the modular barrel is configured, and can be lengthened or shortened to accommodate the type of shells loaded into the gun. Zouichi has used this gun to blow off the top of a building and shoot down incoming ICBMs.

* Axe: It's stored in his bike and appears to be made out of an extremely durable metal compound (it's been shown to last a couple hundred years at least)

* Bio-Armor: Zouichi's body armor provides excellent protection against impact damage (less against stabbing damage). It can also extend a protective membrane to protect his head and face if he loses his helmet, or extend a cosmetic membrane over itself to form basic camouflage.

* Parrot: Zouichi has acquired a pet parrot in his time aboard the Transmigration 9. It's medium-sized (for a parrot), with bright feathers. It can talk, but is not sentient.

Appearance: Zouichi appears to be a young man of medium height, with pale skin, dark hair, and black body armor (which he wears almost constantly).
Age: Mentally/physically mid-twenties.

AU Clarification: Zouichi has spent some time developing his personality on the Transmigration 9, an organic spaceship whose crew was engaged in an interdimensional war against big psychic space bugs. During his time there, he's spend some time serving as a fighter pilot and an officer in the Security Department on the ship. Interactions with the crew have mostly served to solidify his resolve to return to and salvage his own world. He's also become a little more distrustful of authority, especially shadowy organizations that claim to be allies but provide no information about himself.

Zouichi has developed an appreciation for nature and also tends to be curious about people from other timelines or planets. He's also gotten much better at recognizing cultural references from the late twentieth/early twenty-first centuries, since most of his crewmates were from around that time. And since he actually had people to talk to on the ship, his conversational skills have smoothed out a bit as well.

Log Sample:
MSCF 7 was a hulking fortress, made of miles of reinforced steel, concrete, and blast shielding. Its subbasements contained enough food, supplies, and oxygen to care for an entire city for well over a year; it had been built to outlast a war, but refitted with multiple levels of decontamination chambers and air scrubbers once the threat of N5S had finally scared the parties in power into some form of preventative action against the virus.

And its roof was now covered with zombified drones.

Even with his enhanced vision, it was difficult to tell exactly how many there were, shambling about aimlessly as if in search of something -- or someone. With no warm human bodies to goad them into action, they were almost quiescent. Almost.

There was only one goal here: the bridge on the other side of the MSCF. Resistance would be negligible; any damage to himself was a secondary concern. It didn't matter that the drones here were the shambling remains of what had once been people, either; they were just reanimated corpses now, no trace of individuality left. Perhaps there would be time to mourn them later.

Zouichi grasped the haft of the collapsible axe, sliding it out of its resting place in one of his bike's compartments. It was a steep drop from where his bike was silently idling to the roof itself -- maybe a few stories, which he deemed more or less negligible. He snapped the axe back into its fully-extended position with one clean flick of the wrist.

The best he could give them now was a quick second death.

Comms Sample: (Audio)
This is Special Agent Kanoe Zouichi, Toua Heavy Industries Security Division. If there's anyone aboard here from the Transmigration 9, please contact me immediately.

[This had better not be another impromptu mission, dammit.]

...alternatively, does anyone else know what the hell is going on?

Oct. 9th, 2011

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Troll 2
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Jul. 15th, 2011

[ooc note: Zouichi is obviously not telling the medics EVERYTHING.]
Name: Kanoe Zouichi Age: 1 year Sex: male Height: 5'10"/178 cm Weight: 143lbs/65kg (without armor)
[ ] Magical by nature/practices magic. [ ] Can't have magic used on. [ ] Contagious (see notes).
Average Lifespan: Unknown (See file.) Rate of Maturity: N/A (See file.) Average age of Puberty: N/A

Normal Diet: Normal human diet. Nutritional needs extremely minimal; patient has stated he can survive for up to five years on small amounts of water.

Common Ailments: Blunt force trauma, burns, lacerations, puncture wounds, poisons. No naturally occurring health issues.

Specific Notes: Healing factor addresses severe injury in a matter of days. Known bacterial and virus infections, poisons, and foreign substances are quickly neutralized. Extremely high pain tolerance.
All of the following sense-related questions are to be answered in comparison to an average Homo sapiens. Ask your medical provider for assistance in answering this section.
Blood Pressure: [ ] Average | [ ] Low | [x] High
Vision: [x] Fine | [ ] Near Sighted | [ ] Far Sighted | [x] Enhanced
If Enhanced, further explain: Patient possesses visual enhancements giving him above-human visual acuity.
Hearing: [ ] Deaf | [ ] Low | [ ] Average | [x] High Range | [x] Low Range | [x] Extremely Sensitive
If necessary, further explain: Patient can detect sounds at frequencies above and below average human hearing, claims to be capable of identifying make and model of conventional weapons fire from several kilometers away.
Smell: [ ] Cannot Smell | [ ] Low | [ ] Average | [x] High | [ ] Extremely Sensitive
If Extremely Sensitive, further explain:
Known Allergies: N/A

Are there any potential complications with healing processes we should be aware of when treating you?: See file.
Do you have a healing factor different from the average for your species? If so, explain how here: No.

Have you recently been screened for species, sex, and age specific cancer risks?: No.

Special notes on care: Patient's biological systems are closely integrated with cybernetic systems. Significant divergence from human internal structure. Details [here].

Record of Past Injuries: [incredibly long and exhaustive injury list follows]

Ship Health Records: No injuries reported, minor or major.

Psychological notes:
Will correct health professional if referred to as 'human'.
May refuse medical treatment. Claims to prefer healing 'on his own'.
Date of Last Menses/Estrus/Equiv (skip if n/a):
Have you ever been sexually active?: No.
Are you currently Sexually Active: No.
Have you recently been screened for STIs?: No.

Species specific sexually related health notes and/or issues: N/A
Are you or should you be on any prescribed medication? If so, list below:

Have you taken any recreational or non-prescribed drugs or substances in the past? Is so, please list them and their frequency of use below: No.

Do you currently take any recreational or non-prescribed drugs or substances? Is so, please list them and their frequency of use below: No.

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